Frequently Asked Questions

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Account & Login

If you wish to create an account, send us your request at or call us at +377 93 50 86 86 and we will get back you as fast as possible.

If you are experiencing problems while trying to access LogNav, please drop an email at or call our support desk at +33(0)6 78 63 86 89 and our technicians will be glad to assist you.

Just head to the LogNav Login Page and click on the "Don't remember your password?" link.


Please mail or call our Sales Department - +377 93 50 86 86 in order to get a quotation.

Compliance, Privacy and GDPR

Yes. LogNav has been certified by Bureau Veritas with the Data Integrity Label

Absolutely. We are fully GDPR compliant and deploy a set of "Privacy Tools" that can help you track, view and delete all your user's data, at any moment.
LogNav architecture is meeting the Latest ISO/IEC 27001 Cyber Security Standards so that you can feel safe while using our platform.