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LogNav is an exclusive web application which was conceived to facilitate the monitoring and management of Commercial yachts, in regard to some of their most demanding tax and fiscal obligations.

Indeed, in the last few years, in the West Mediterranean waters, the background related to the Commercial Exemption status of a vessel and other tax matters have become complex to supervise, in many aspects.

LogNav comes into play, allowing Yacht captains, managers, brokers and fiscal representatives to rely on an automated, dynamic and reliable digital tool, reducing their human intervention to the very minimum and offering them the maximal benefits.

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Yacht VAT Exemptions

Italian & French Commercial Exemptions / 70% Rule

As a commercial yacht willing to operate with the tax exemption scheme in France and Italy, you are aware of the required criteria and what it implies in terms of tracking and supervision work.

Let us remind you the 5 criteria to respect, allowing you to create and sign the Commercial Activity Certificates:

  • The yacht is commercially registered
  • The yacht has permanent crew
  • The yacht is engaged in commercial activity
  • The yacht is at least 15 meters long
  • The yacht left territorial waters (respectively French or Italian) for at least 70% of the trips carried out during the previous year
LogNav is the only digital platform which includes an algorithm allowing the user to display real-time gauges, to keep track and even to foresee the yacht’s stance in regard to the rule of 70% (qualifying or not for the F.C.E or I.C.E )..

VAT Yacht Charter

VAT on yacht charter fees

The time of navigation spent outside of EU waters should not be subject to the payment of any VAT by a charterer. From now on, you will be able to offer the possibility to your charter guests to pay ONLY the righteous amount due, in terms of VAT on the charter fee, when starting in France and Italy. LogNav calculates, in real-time, the prorata due VAT on charters (on time spent in EU waters only)

What the LogNav system does for the user:

  • Tracks & records hourly AIS positions and logs
  • Acknowledge automatically & records the crossings of internal, national & non EU waters
  • Processes the charter fee filled by the user through the algorithm (geographical, applicable rate of VAT per region and mathematical inputs)
  • Displays a real-time dashboard including: Itinerary, Position logs, pie chart of IN/OUT EU waters navigation, VAT on full charter rate VS VAT on EU waters navigation only.
  • Generates (downloadable) reports which include all necessary and probative data for the tax authorities.

Yacht Charter VAT Calculator

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